Owner Penny Kring Gives Radio Interview

Owner and photographer Penny Kring (Heath) gives a radio interview about Heath Photography- how she got her start and was able to create a successful business for over 33 years. Have a listen!

Learn Studio Lighting with Penny Heath Kring of Heath Photography


Penny will share her knowledge of studio lighting. With the plethora of natural light photographers, knowledge of studio lighting is sure to set you apart. Continue Reading →

Heath Models Make Vision Boards

On July 11, 2016, some of our Be Brilliant senior models gathered at our Redwood studio to build vision boards.  Each model cut out images and words that represent who she wants to be & what she wants to bring into her life.  A vision board is used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on a specific life goal.  Following this practice, they took a jaunt down to Butterfield Lake for an Americana themed photo shoot.


Vision boards (above), back row L to R: Megan Nicole Vasquez (Hailey’s friend from Waynesville, Missouri), Hailey Mills (Philadelphia), Kiera Johnson (Ogdensburg), Shelby Adams (Ogdensburg), and Cali Steorts (Governeur); Front row L to R: Courtney Sartwell (Watertown), and Bella Baird (Clayton).



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Art Opening in Hammond, NY showcases Penny’s Nature-inspired Images

next generation

Penny Heath Kring is excited and grateful to have this opportunity to share some of her lesser-known photographic work. This work expresses her love for and attunement to Nature. Penny finds that images come to her as she opens her senses, mind, and heart to the beauty of the world that surrounds us . Continue Reading →

Introducing Our Class of 2017 Models: Micaela Wallace

Micaela loves to play soccer and volleyball, and she also enjoys art and music. She is thankful for her education and her teachers, and the intelligence that they create for her. Micaela is grateful for nature, light, passion, and the general happiness in her life. She also says that she cares deeply for her family and loves spending time with them.

I like the smell of flowers,

the touch of soft grass,

 the taste of apples,

 the sight of nature,

 the sound of waves,

and the feeling of joy.

Introducing Our Class of 2017 Models: Sydney Thornhill

Sydney enjoys sports, and in particular she loves softball. She also enjoys creating memories with her family and friends, and spending time in nature. Sydney says that she is grateful for her health, food, and education, as well as music and her dog.

I like the smell of food,

the touch of soft blankets,

 the taste of sweets,

 the sight of flowers,

 the sound of waves,

and the feeling of happiness.

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