50th Anniversary

This year Penny’s parents celebrated 50 years of marriage! Here are a few of the images from the celebration!

Penny’s Family


Penny and Zoey

Penny, Penny’s 91 year old Grandpa, and Penny’s Daughter Chanelle

PPNYS Convention!

Again, we have had a successful adventure to PPNYS land! We stayed at The Desmond Hotel located in Albany, NY where the convention took place. Four days of fun-filled seminars and of course the all famous tradeshow. If you don’t know, we are connected with the Professional Photographers of New York State…..and yes, we had an amazing time. Penny’s favorite images were entered into the PPNYS competition and she did extremely well! Our competition is tough out there and we are continuing to educate and keep our eyes fresh for the upcoming family sessions, senior sessions and our weddings. At the end of each day we had the opportunity to relax and socialize with other professional photographers. We learned new techniques and came home with some new products too. Get ready seniors….because we are!

Heath Photography: Trip to the Bahamas!

We left the good state of NY and landed in the Grand Bahamas on January 14th. We stayed at the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach “all inclusive” resort five miles from Port Lucaya. The weather was, oh, average– 72 degrees. We missed the deep freeze in NY…..too bad. We met some wonderful new friends…whom we taught how to snorkel. “Stingray!!” We had a little scare…but it was worth every moment.

Penny gathered enough courage (tough woman) to fly high in the sky on the trapeze. She did an awesome job! Chanelle got “sun on her face”…. Tina fell asleep in the sun…. she was just too relaxed. We all sailed together, and realized that though we were about a quarter of a mile from the shore, we could still see clear to the bottom of the ocean. Amazingly beautiful!

We kayaked along the beautiful shoreline and discovered nothing but clear water– and a white sandy bottom ocean. We did dodge a few coral reefs now and then.  Jody picked her first coconut by the waterside!  We found starfish everywhere.  Of course, we put them back in their homes. It was amazing.  We had all the margaritas we could drink!

What started out as a vacation… turned into an awesome experience. We bathed in the sun on the soft sandy beach, went kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, visited the market places, and tried everything on the menus. The food was fabulous! We even had fresh conch salad right from the shell!

The nightlife was so exciting… with cultural dancing, singing, and nightly shows. The staff was very warm and welcoming; we had to leave new friends behind. The most difficult thing to do was to leave. We took advantage of our last few moments, and went snorkeling in the early morning with a couple of new friends, finishing with a nice warm sunbath. It was difficult landing in NY and stepping into a deep freeze– but we cannot regret one moment. We came back with our happy faces, clear minds, and a sense of a fresh new feeling, to start off our year off with a bang. These were some moments to remember always! We are very thankful to have each other, and to be able to experience the beautiful land that has been given to us. Thank you, Bahamas, and to all of your hospitality! We will be back.

Our Thanks to All of You!

From Our Family To Yours….Happy New Year!

Penny’s Halloween Bash!

What a success! Family and friends, old and new, joined Penny the night of Halloween. Everyone dressed up in a variety of costumes. It all took place in her haunted garage and everyone had such a great time. Happy Halloween to all!

Las Vegas, Baby!

WPPI Conference in Las Vegas
This year, Penny went to Vegas to a WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International) conference with a fellow photographer, Kelly Stremmel. Her daughter Chanelle went along, too. They saw so many awesome wedding photographers speak. We have a lot of new ideas, and cannot wait for the wedding season to start.

The Heart of Heath Photography

Simply put, our business is incredible. We meet new families, establish new relationships, are able to witness the beginning of a couple uniting as one, and get the privilege to enjoy new tiny lives coming forth into this world. This is just what life is all about. Our job is to record these moments in history for everyone to cherish and relive. Photography- Living each moment to our best and recording a simple slice of history to share for years to come. We love what we do!

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