Overnight Location Session for Heath Senior Models

Eight area high school seniors recently got up-close and personal with Singer Castle – the kind of up-close that comes from an overnight stay.

On May 11th, the students, who are members of the student ambassador program for Heath Photography, left via boat from Bonnie Castle Marina.

Accompanied by two Heath staff members and an ambassador from the previous year, the students participated in a photo session, a lecture about being open to and connecting with spirits, a scavenger hunt and other shenanigans, and a tour with accompanying ghost stories fit for a castle stay.

The photo session focused on prom attire and took place mostly outside, with the castle serving as a stunning backdrop. The students each chose a spot inside the castle for a few more individual shots.

Photographer Penny Kring conducted the shoot, with help from studio manager Brittany Hill and Kiana Conger, one of last year’s ambassadors.

The girls spent the night in the castle’s maid’s quarters, the boys were downstairs in a different room, and the staff stayed in the suites. But not much sleep was had, as the students were having such a blast roaming the castle and making new friends that they were awake until the wee hours of the morning.

The event was coordinated with the help of castle president Tom Weldon and caretaker Scott Garris, who led off the ghost story telling and castle tour.

This is the fourth year in a row that the Heath Photography staff and their student ambassadors have stayed overnight for a photo shoot at the castle.

This year’s students that participated in the photo shoot were (L>R) Cullen Willmert (Carthage), Isabella Rondon (Immaculate Heart), Brandy Milsap (Hammond), Bryanna Bowman (Gouverneur), Keelee Dingman (Beaver River), Katie Berry (Indian River), Maia Tsuji (Indian River), and Zach Vesel (Lisbon)

Owner Penny Kring Receives Merits

Owner Penny (Heath) Kring recently competed in a photography competition hosted by Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Penny has been a member of PPA for 17 years. The International Photographic Competition (IPC) is held annually, and members may submit several works to be scored by a panel of judges.

Two of the images Penny submitted in this year’s competition received scores deserving of a Merit. Pale Beauty and The Next Generation were critiqued on how well they meet the organization’s standards for a merit image. Penny says that “competing really helps me to improve my art,” and believes that learning is a life-long journey that she loves.

To view or purchase Penny’s work such as Pale Beauty, please follow this link.

Owner Penny Kring Gives Radio Interview

Owner and photographer Penny Kring (Heath) gives a radio interview about Heath Photography- how she got her start and was able to create a successful business for over 33 years. Have a listen!


The Importance of Customer Service:

Customer service is probably right up there at the top as far as important business practices go.  Because of this, here are a few practices we have adopted:  we immediately greet people when they come in the door, and we offer a seat and something to drink. Our customers never wait to be waited on– the longest they ever wait is five to ten minutes. We never overschedule. We listen to the customers; we always ask what they want, and what their expectations for the session are. We never act rushed; we always give ample time for every customer. We try to include lots of poses, so there are always a lot of choices.
Another point is that customer service has to follow through all the way to delivery. The whole process, from the taking of the photographs to delivery, has to be a fun experience. When we present our completed images, we always sit the customers down; show them every option; and, of equal importance, we always make sure they are happy before they leave.

Penny Heath, Portrait Photographer, on Outsourcing:

I have learned over the years that my money is better spent by outsourcing than by trying to do each part of the job by myself.  It makes the most sense for me personally to do what I do best, which is photographing and marketing. If I’m spending my days paying the bills, or mowing the lawn, or even viewing orders, I’m neglecting my highest skills.  But by outsourcing, I’ve found I can bring in more business, and offer a better product.  It’s a fine balance.

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