Heath Photography Captures Polar Bear Dip

Posted on 02/28/2016

What a blast our photographers had this past weekend! They could be found on Saturday at Bonnie Castle Resort & Marina photographing the 26th Annual Polar Bear Dip. The event is put on by Friends of River Hospital.  Jumpers collect donations to raise money for the hospital, then take a plunge in the freezing St. Lawrence.  This is the event of the winter in Alexandria Bay!  Turnout is always large as the community is so thankful for the work that the hospital does for our small town.

Bonnie castle staff worked all week to ready the area in front of their riverside bar, cutting a hole out of the ice & preparing for the large amounts of visitors.  Temperatures were just above freezing for the event and it was very windy.  Despite the cold, locals enjoyed getting some fresh air and entertainment.  Due to the mild winter this year, the ice surrounding the dip area was not frozen enough for spectators to stand on.

Smiling, laughing faces could be found among the shivering grimaces of those brave enough to take the plunge! We had a great time capturing the many characters found at this year’s event, and look forward to attending next year!

If you would like to jump at next year’s event, give us a shout at thestudio@heathphotography.net for more information.


P dip-0023 P dip-0033 P dip-0034 P dip-0035Polar dip 2016-0001--2


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