Class of 2016, a Look Back. What is your favorite image?

Posted on 03/02/2016

Can you believe it?  It’s almost time for these young adults to decorate their graduation caps, don their gowns, and walk across the stage to close out the 12 year experience of school in the North Country, NY.   After that amount of time, the hallways become a student’s home & the faces they see everyday become their family.

We were lucky to be able to get to know these talented & caring teens throughout the year, and photograph them with their favorite people & doing their favorite things.  They’ve each chosen a photo to share with you for this contest.  Some images are set in interesting locations & some just let the model’s true demeanor show through with classic style.

We will pick the WINNER based on the model with the most comments below.  Let us know which image is your favorite and why.  Then look for our upcoming blogs announcing the winner, and our Class of 2017 models.

The winner will get a River day or music concert experience with their own personal photographer for the day!  Vote by March 11, 2016.

Side 01-5_0x7_0-01-Q01

Jennie Spooner

Side 01-7_0x5_0-13-Q01

Hailey Ogden

Side 02-5_0x7_0-02-Q01

Caitlyn Burrows

Side 02-7_0x5_0-14-Q01

Mollie Lawton

Side 03-5_0x7_0-03-Q01

Madelin Caufield

Side 03-7_0x5_0-15-Q01

Sarah Geer

Side 04-5_0x7_0-04-Q01

Sierra Erwin

Side 04-7_0x5_0-16-Q01

Nicole Farmer

Side 05-5_0x7_0-05-Q01

Erika Langling

Side 05-7_0x5_0-17-Q01

Natalie Chambers

Side 06-5_0x7_0-06-Q01

Logan Kring

Side 06-7_0x5_0-18-Q01

Elissa Baldwin

Side 07-5_0x7_0-07-Q01

Kate Hanni

Side 07-7_0x5_0-19-Q01

Marienne Alibudbud

Side 08-5_0x7_0-08-Q01

Madison Mullikin

Side 09-5_0x7_0-09-Q01

Kennedy Thruston

Side 10-5_0x7_0-10-Q01

Jacob Tate

Side 11-5_0x7_0-11-Q01

Evan Will

Side 12-5_0x7_0-12-Q01

Megan Mills

 Like what you see?  Know a Class of 2017’er who needs senior photos?  Email us at or call us at 315.482.5636 for more info.