We Stayed Overnight in a Castle- With a Bunch of Teenagers!

Posted on 06/13/2017

Our Senior Ambassadors had a blast at their overnight photo shoot at Singer Castle! We left for Dark Island (where the castle is located) late afternoon on May 19th from Schermerhorn Harbor. After arriving, ten of our senior models carried their belongings and ball gowns up many flights of stairs to their bedrooms for the weekend. The girls were given the maids quarters while the boys were given a smaller room a floor below. John Donovan (Heath team member) took the students on a tour while relaying the history of the castle, making their way through the secret passageways the run throughout the castle.


Having an hour or so to spare before dinner, they ventured about the grounds and ended up playing around with a volleyball and frisbee out in the courtyard. Dinner was followed by owner Penny Kring giving a brief lecture about connecting with spirits and being open and observant with the world around us. She encouraged the students to share any of their encounters with spirits and a few of them did have stories to tell. Scott- castle caretaker- gave a brief tour and told a few ghost stories, after which the kids had a grand old time scaring each other! They roamed about the castle and secret passageways, and did a scavenger hunt, among other games and shenanigans. It’s safe to say that they never went to sleep- they had too much fun getting to know one another!

The Prom-themed photo shoot took place the following morning, with each of the ambassadors getting individual images and group shots. After they changed back to regular clothes, the ambassadors and staff enjoyed lunch out on the courtyard. They packed up their belongings and headed back to Schermerhorn Harbor not too long after that.

The event was coordinated with the help of castle president Tom Weldon and caretaker Scott Garris. We can’t thank Tom enough for letting us continue to photograph our models at the castle every year, and Scott for putting up with all of us!

This is the third year in a row that we have taken our ambassadors to the castle for an overnight photo shoot; Tom & Scott are very gracious in giving us free rein to roam about the castle as we please.

The ambassadors on this year’s trip included: Lindsey Bradley, Kiana Conger, Brooke Costigan, Ethan Fish, Megan Gregory, Kaila Jock, Keely O’Connor, Cassie Pryce, Jordan Snyder, and John Wrobel.

It is definitely something that they will remember for years to come, and we at the studio love being able to present them with this opportunity.