Legacy of Love: Jessica Fuller

Posted on 11/01/2013


Jessica Fuller and her family were photographed at our Redwood studio in August. Jessica, an amazing mother of Gabe, Paige, and Gavin and wife to “hubby” Dan was diagnosed first in April of 2009 then again in May of 2013 with first stage 2b triple negative breast cancer.  It later metastasized to lung and brain cancer.  Penny has known Jessica for over seventeen years and wanted to tell the story of this special studio session.

“I can still remember when Jessica first came to the studio with her first born Gabriel years ago, and we photographed him with angel wings. He was so cute.

Over the last year or so Jessica had made several appointments in the studio to get family portraits taken, but ended up having to cancel them. When I spoke to her she told me that she had been canceling due to her run in with cancer. She offered to trade family portrait prints for some Limestone that her family had for sale, and since Gene and I recently built a house this worked out perfectly! We fit Jessica into our schedule asap since she would be starting chemo again soon, and she wanted to be photographed before she lost her hair.

I photographed Jessica and her family on a gorgeous summer day in the backyard of the studio. It was awesome being able to photograph three generations. (Her mom came too!) The session went wonderfully. Everyone looked awesome, we had a lot of fun.

Our Legacy of Love sessions are free. I started this program because I truly believe in the importance of remembering our families as they grow and change. It’s part of human nature to know that we have left our mark on this planet and in the hearts of those we love and who love us. I cherish my family so much, and having beautiful images of them on my walls is a constant reminder of how lucky I am.

Our Legacy of Love program is free. Normally we provide our clients with a disk of high resolution images which they can then print however they decide. In Jessica’s case she wanted a whole bunch of prints as well, so the trade worked out wonderfully.

I would never want someone to choose not to participate in the program because they feel too proud to take our services for free. I just want to be able to give back to the community and “pay it forward.” Life has provided me with so many blessings and this is just my way showing gratitude. Everyone deserves to be able to leave a legacy for their loved ones, and family portraits are a beautiful way to do this.”

To receive more information about our Legacy of Love program, please call the studio at 315-482-5636.