Legacy of Love: Papa Smurf

Posted on 01/20/2014


Below is a video of our latest Legacy of Love photo session with the Hobbs family.

Watch the Video: Papa Smurf

Leslie Hobbs, also lovingly known as Papa Smurf, said this of his Legacy of Love experience:

I was diagnosed with cancer March of 2010. I have stage 3 colon cancer. My family has not had a family picture since my youngest boy was sixteen. Thanks to Heath Photography, I actually got every member of my family together for a family photo shoot. It was the first time we have had everyone in the family together in over 10 years. Usually someone in a family has to work or lives out of town. We thank Heath Photography for the opportunity to have these taken. It brings happiness to all of the family and those who see these wonderful pictures.

Jackie Hobbs said, “He loves looking at the photos. He grins every time he looks at them.”

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