The Importance of Customer Service:

Posted on 10/14/2011

Customer service is probably right up there at the top as far as important business practices go.  Because of this, here are a few practices we have adopted:  we immediately greet people when they come in the door, and we offer a seat and something to drink. Our customers never wait to be waited on– the longest they ever wait is five to ten minutes. We never overschedule. We listen to the customers; we always ask what they want, and what their expectations for the session are. We never act rushed; we always give ample time for every customer. We try to include lots of poses, so there are always a lot of choices.
Another point is that customer service has to follow through all the way to delivery. The whole process, from the taking of the photographs to delivery, has to be a fun experience. When we present our completed images, we always sit the customers down; show them every option; and, of equal importance, we always make sure they are happy before they leave.