Introducing Our Class of 2019 Models: Maia

Maia attends Indian River Central School and is active in track, theatre, National Honor Society, and various clubs. She enjoys reading, writing, and drawing in her spare time. Maia loves adventure and wants to join the Coast Guard, National Guard, or Marines so that she can travel and experience the world. One place she would really like to visit is the Alps.

Maia likes the smell of vanilla,
the touch of mint,
the taste of food,
the sight of any place new,
the sound of rain,
and the feeling of the sky.

Art Opening in Hammond, NY showcases Penny’s Nature-inspired Images

next generation

Penny Heath Kring is excited and grateful to have this opportunity to share some of her lesser-known photographic work. This work expresses her love for and attunement to Nature. Penny finds that images come to her as she opens her senses, mind, and heart to the beauty of the world that surrounds us . Continue Reading →

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